About me

Hi, my name is

and I'm web developer.
My main focus is on back-end development but I have no problem working with front-end either.
Currently I'm working in IDK Studio as a Web Developer / Web Application Developer, specializing on building custom CMS.
I competed in the Bosnian Science Olympics 2016 in Web Design category, where I was placed in top 10 out of 100 participants.
If you want to read more about me click the link below or scroll through website where you can see my: skills, services and projects.

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The main difference between a good programmer and bad programmer is quality of their work. My personal goal is to design beautiful and interactive websites. I do my work very carefully and I give a lot of attention even to a small details. I'm 100% sure that the client would be happy with ending result.


Web Design

My work is based on the idea that the design of the site must be elegant and attractive. For me every website is like a fingerprint - there aren't two equal, as there aren't two equal clients. I do my work very carefully and I pay close attention even to the smallest details.

Web Programming / CMS - CRM

In my work process I use/mix both front-end and back-end development. That way every website I made is highly responsive, dynamic and interactive. I specialize in creating custom CMS and CRM systems that will support websites. My goal is to provide the capability for multiple users or site owner to manage a website or a section of the content.

Responsive Web Design

In 2018 more informations is passed through mobile phone than through any other device. Because of that I can guarantee that all websites I design will be responsive for all kind of devices (mobile,tablet,laptop, computer).


WBILC 2018

WBILC is website made for Western Balkan Information Literacy Conference that will be held in Bihac in June. The site was developed in cooperation with the Institute of Technology from R. Ireland. Website has a realy rich content with a lot of information about upcoming conference, but also about finished conferences from past years.

Build Tools: HTML5, Bootstrap, CSS3, Sass, jQuery, PHP, MySQL

ES - STAR Bihac

"ES - STAR" is a website that I made for private company / print company located in Bihac. Page is dynamic and has very simple yet beautiful design. I manage to realize company CEO whishes through my own professional ideas.

Build Tools: HTML5, CSS3, Sass, jQuery, PHP, MySQL

World Forum

World Forum is a website made through my learning of back-end development where I managed to make standard forum website. It is intended for a wider range of people, and users have possibility to create account, sign in, publish posts, share thoughts etc.. Also page is equipped with CMS.

Build Tools: HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Sass, jQuery, PHP, MySQL